Genesys Tech-Hub by Tenece
C-Sharp, Bootstrap, Object Oriented Programming, Database Management, CISCO Packet Tracer, Router, Switch, Dll, Microsoft SQL Server, Big Data, GUI, and yes! Visual Studio. If I learnt nothing, I learnt these words and a whole lot more plus a sizeable monthly income.

My Tenece tech-hub experience began with an orientation on the 7th of April where we got to officially meet the Management and some Staff; some of them coming from the Lagos Office. On that day also, we were officially introduced to our Supervisors Mr. Michael Muoneke and Mrs. Susan Chikezie (with the 'Mrs.' Stressed). I got along more with Michael and he has been a major influence in my whole stay. He encouraged me in my learning and more than that he is a friend and a brother. There was a lecture on the orientation day or more like an overview on software and programming; and on a later day, Mr. Ernest Ogbodo gave us a lecture on networking. We were required to choose an area of interest between networking and programming, I choose programming. Actually, I've been hearing more of it than networking that's why I choose it anyway and thanks to everyone that got me to my software level today. Eventually, I switched to networking where I am today.

My first Tenece work was tearing of OMR sheet for ABSU CBT and then there was ATCOI biodata filling, sorting, installing of OS to systems that will be deployed to UNN where I first met Terry who is presently my mentor.

Being in the networking team gave me a lot of onsite activities which I cherish a lot. Alongside the network installation and maintenance activities did, I had the privilege of being in the ESUT CBT team, and also my first visit to UNN where I was privileged to go with Chiamaka for courtesy visit to the registrar.

My fellow 'Genesysers', all made my stay a wonderful one and I'll keep in touch. I had more than one I.T placement options and I chose Tenece because I placed it high, if now I have to choose again, I'll chose Tenece because I love it.

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Okafor Chukwuebuka
Chukwuemeka Odumegu Ojukwu University - Physics