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ObserveIT is the global leader in Insider Threat Management. ObserveIT helps over 1,200 customers worldwide detect insider threats and stop data loss. ObserveIT's award-winning insider threat software combines best-of-breed user monitoring, advanced behavior analytics, security policy enforcement and irrefutable video forensics. ObserveIT's agent-based approach installs in minutes and provides visibility and prevention of Insider Threats by adding behavioral context not readily available in log files and stopping malicious or careless activity that puts the business at risk.

ObserveIT is the most effective insider threat management solution on the market, because it is based on people's actions. All security incidents are associated to users and the risky users are prioritized by scoring. Within minutes, ObserveIT will streamline your incident response for insider threats and allow you to quickly prioritize internal investigations, analyze user risk, and change the behavior of bad actors and unwitting users.

People are the core of your business and are responsible for 90% of security incidents, according to the CERT Insider Threat Center. There is no patch for people. To reduce the likelihood of insider threats, you must detect early indicators of unauthorized behavior and inform negligent users of security policy. ObserveIT allows you to deter, detect, investigate and prevent insider threats, such as people abusing admin privileges, bypassing security controls, gaining unnecessary access, using unauthorized cloud apps, responding to phishing attempts, and causing accidental data leakage.